Saturday, December 04, 2004

Blog Auction over

Ok maybe I am a bit late but the auction is over and Jeremy has sold his services for $3350, not bad at all. Congratulations! The purchaser was Inkspress, good luck to them! If Jeremy does only 5 posts over the 13 week period it will cost them about $50/post, now hopefully they take many of the other services that Jeremy can offer and develop a blogging culture and have an internal resource continue what he starts.

On a side note Jeremy and Darren (the other blogger on eBay) have had so much business flow their way in the past 10 days they have now formed a blog consulting company, InsideBlogging, wow! A whole new industry.

As I mentioned earlier in the week I had a chat to BlogshpereRadio about the auctions, here is the special report. Mack chatted to Jeremy and Darren along with myself and two other bloggers Wayne Hurlbet and Mick Stanic and has put together a special report on the last 10 days and the impact on blogging going forward. Some of you might know Mick from G'Day World with Cameron Reilly, if you have not listened, certainly worth it.

I have moved from this site to my new home which can be found a

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