Thursday, December 02, 2004

Searching for jobs and resumes

I wrote earlier this week about Heather's post on .jobs.

There have been a couple of comments about searchability etc on jobs and resumes. I find it interesting that when I search on Google, Yahoo or MSN search I cannot find 90% of jobs, even ones from corporate sites!

Let's take this job @ Microsoft. If I search for it in MSN Search by Job Title I get nothing, I tried position number, and several other methods. Now I know why this is the case, because the job is generated from a database dynamically why the query is executed but the user.

But WHY! Of course Microsoft want someone to find the job, they want someone to even fill the job. So why doesn't the job appear?

Now I did the a few other searches and this job from Blogger Jobs I found in several places, including Monster which surprised me.

My point is the whole .jobs thing might disappear if it was EASY for job seekers to find a job. This was the basis of my earlier post.

Now just maybe some of the smart folks at Google, Yahoo, MSN etc might be the ones to help resolve the issue. Or maybe this is an opportunity for an enterprising company to step in, however I would see it easier for the average punter if the majors helped out.

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