Thursday, December 02, 2004

Are blogs ubiquitous?

I have been reading some of the notes from BlogTalk 2.0 and came across some notes on Ben & Mena Trott's keynote. (You know Ben & Mena right? Six Apart, Moveable Type, and TypePad).

Anyway with all the talk today about it being "The Year of the Blog". I came across an interesting comment in the notes:-

"When weblogs become invisible, the 'weblogging revolution' will have occurred."

I have no idea who said it, I suspect either Ben or Mena but who knows. However it struck a cord. This is the key and so far I do not think we have got there.

When blogs are invisible organisations will be managing their internal knowledge, driving external PR and extending their relationships with their customers. Until then I guess it could all be a "storm in a tea cup", but WE know that is not really true, don't we. ;-)

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