Thursday, February 17, 2005

Podcasting the answer?

Just catching up on my feeds and found this item from Des Paroz on podcasting and the mainstream radio in Australia.

I already subscribe to the Triple J podcasts (they now have 3), and so far it has had some fantastic snippets of content. Following the launch of The Podcast Networkk from Mick and Cam and their interview in The Bulletin things seem to be picking up in the mainstream arena for podcasting.

I am currently looking into purchasing a cassette to MP3 deck for our home PC (or I might just go low if) so that Jayne can convert her uni tapes and take them on the road with her. It is this sort of activity that really needs to power of "timeshifting" that podcasting provides.

Organisations can start to use podcasting as a method to connect with their customers, for example annual general meetings, investor briefings, quarterly results etc.

I feel these thoughts are still "half baked" so I will need to get back to them later.

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