Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Newsgator online vs Jager BlogMatrix OPML

I have been trying to find a new RSS tool so that I can receive feeds (work based) while in the office. Being in a large company our laptops are locked down to stop everyone installing anything they want, therefore I am looking to web based tools. I have been trying to get NewsGator Online up and running, which has not been the most successful of exercises.

I have an OPML file of feeds (about 50) that I read that are work based and thought it would be good to import them so I did not need to manually re-subscribe. The OPML file is from BlogMatrix Jager however Newsgator Online will not accept it it keeps claiming that it is not an OPML file.

I have tried removing the category sections in the file that Jager uses, still no luck. So I decided to compare the Jager file with a OPML file created by NewGator Online. Not surprising they are different.


I created a small test file where I changed the tags in the Jager file to match those in the NewsGator. These were url to be xmlUrl and rssUrl to be htmlUrl and the file imported. Someone does not seem to be playing by the rules. Checking out Dave Winer's OPML Specs I found that there does not seem to be a specification for the different attributes within the file which I suspected was the case. But I am now way out of my depth and and a few minutes searching on Google did not turn up the anwsers. I am now up to a find and replace of the Jager file so that it will import into NewGator Online.

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