Saturday, March 19, 2005

Corporate Blogging Policy

Michael Hyatt (from Working Smart) CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing has set out with his in-house counsel to design a corporate blogging policy.

Michael says he has spoken to a Microsoft blogger about their unwritten policy "Be Smart" and decided they needed more, which is probably a good decision. He has decided to post a draft of the policy for two reasons, firstly to get feedback and secondly it might help other organisations.

While I am not an IR or legal expert the policy looks like a great starting point, many of the comments are very relevant and should be considered as well such as who owns the content. The policy is clear and easy to understand, I would expect that in most organisations such a policy would form part of a general Internet Usage policy.

I would strongly suggest anyone who is looking at developing a blogging policy look at this draft and Sun's (via Tim Bray).

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