Friday, March 18, 2005

Ideas for corporate RSS feeds

Elizabeth Albrycht from CorporatePR has 10 interesting ideas for the use of RSS within corporations, while mainly externally focused they do offer food for thought on internal applications.

1) Email is an increasingly problematic communications tool due to the growth of spam and the overwhelming amount of email most businesspeople receive.
2) RSS is perfect for the online press room.
3) Keep your partners informed.
4) Keep your customers informed.
5) Provide specific informational categories so people can just receive what they are most interested
6) Make your resource centers/online libraries dynamic!
7) Put your events to work for you online.
8) Capture and publish the buzz.
9) Set up a feed for special promotions.
10) You can just as easily create private (password-protected) RSS feeds as public ones. These can be a great way to keep employees, partners, customers informed of company happenings, events, promotions, office closings, and other information you don't necessarily want widely available.

Each of the above 10 items can also be applied to internal applications in different ways but the general themes stay the same.

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