Monday, March 28, 2005

More on business spam (unsolicited email)

A couple of days ago I posted about business spam and where it fits within my framework. I posted about ResumeFit and a couple of emails I received from Tom Schmidt the CEO. Well it was not really spam as it was not sent indiscriminately to multiple people, just to me. As such Tom actually sent me an email explaining that he was just trying to introduce me to some new technology within the HR space.

So let me redefine it is unsolicited email, and this was the basis of my post.

As I said the service provided by ResumeFit looks really interesting and I actually plan to have a bit of a play around and see if it provides the resumes as HR-XML. So far I have not found a tool that allows me to publish my resume online in HR-XML format, maybe ResumeFit will be the solution?

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