Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Apparently I am going to be rich

I just received an email (in my Yahoo account) from someone by the name of Patrick Taylor who can gain access to the US$32mil in fund of the late president Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo, who died on the 5th of February, 2005. It has been a while since I have been privileged enough to be offered such amazing wealth, last time was about 2 years ago. I find it interesting on the accuracy of the claim, the scammers are getting better.

A search on Togo on Google gave me lots of interesting hits, obviously a real place. The first real link was to the CIA's fact book, they even mention the president's name, however the president is still alive according to the CIA. The only news link is from the Taipei Times, published yesterday stating that the president is in fact dead. Now where things go wrong is the email mentions there is no next of kin, however his son was installed as president by the military.

For a laugh I have reproduced the whole email below, but please keep it confidential ;-).

Just another real life example of why companies need spam filters and other internet tools to assist employees in how they operate online.

I am Patrick Taylor, a member of staff in a Corporate Securities firm. We keep valuables for high net worth individuals, blue chip corporations and diplomatic organisations.

I am contacting you in regards to our client, the late president Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo, who died on the 5th of February, 2005. This client has a total deposit of Thirty Two Million United States Dollars in our vaults. After the 9/11 incidents, our company policy do not permit cash deposit, so he confided in me as the foreign operations officer to make this deposit since June 2003.

The last communication I had with him was on the 25th of November 2004, where he was making arrangements to claim the deposit. Thereafter it was revealed that he died of heart attack in his hometown in Togo. After the acknowledgement of his death, it became apparent that there was no claim to his funds since he listed no next of kin in his bio-data form. He made the deposit under the name of Guardian Trust investment (GTI) and disclosed the content as company valuables and Antiques. This was for confidentiality and to reduce taxes.

If no claim is made within six months, the company under its storage terms and conditions will legally auction the content of the deposit. If discovered that the content is cash, it will be confiscated and I would be penalised, since I accepted the cash deposit against the company’s regulations. As a staff, it is impossible for me to have access to the funds or claim it myself. More so, such valuable deposits are kept at a different branch, where we have our terminal facilities. Consequently, it is important that I find a credible candidate to play the role of a Trustee or representative to Guardian Trust Investment to help claim the deposit. It is on this ground that I need your assistance to claim the funds which will be possible with the information I hold. Once this is achieved, you shall be entitled to 50% of the total funds while I shall retain the balance 50%.

I am aware of the risks involved in this proposal, therefore I ask that you consider the factors above and keep it strictly confidential. However, if you feel you are unable to fulfil this role, I request you discard of this letter.

I look forward to hearing form you.

Thank you

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