Friday, November 19, 2004

Keep It Simple Stupid or KISS!

I wrote about Google's current billboard advertising last month. This week I noticed something very interesting outside our local Holden (GM for those in the US) dealership. They are advertising for new technicans via a sign they have placed out the front of the dealership.

Why is this interesting? Well directly opposite them is two other dealerships, BMW and Toyota, both who might have people wanting a change. This is a great example of knowing your target audience when you advertise. The technician accross the road obviously know something about cars, they also familar with the area and have no issues about the commute to work because they already do it.

I have posted a couple of pictures on Flickr which you should be able to see one the feed in the right had column. I am trying to figure out how to now link directly to the pictures, I know if can be done cause I have been sending the pictures to my blog directly before.

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