Monday, April 18, 2005

Just updated my Blogroll

I have just changed my blogroll to more accurately reflect who I am reading. I was using BlogRolling but found it very difficult to keep in sync with Newsgator Online and as such as I added feeds I was not keeping the BlogRoll listing up to date.

I was also using BlogRolling to track static/news style sites that I read in more a bookmark fashion. Over the last month or so I have begun to play around with to manage these types of links. If you are interested, or just a voyeuristic soul then my links can be found at

Over the weekend I notice that Newsgator allowed me to create a blogroll based on my feeds. I rarely read a blog that does not have a feed, at least more than once, I switched. Now my blogroll accurately reflects what I am reading, including the PubSub and Technorati watchlists. The only downside is the links displayed in the Blogroll go to the feed files, ie XML files and do not really display that well in the browser, I hope this does not detract from the over listing. The other thing I have done is to expose my Blogroll/feed listing view OPML, if you are interested.

Something I did learn as just because a Blogger site does not display a feed icon or link they might site have one. By default Blogger seems to create an atom.xml file in the root of a blog, for example, did not seem to have a feed link so I subscribed to

A final thought I must compare my listing against the listing of HR blogs that is being circulated at the moment.

I have moved from this site to my new home which can be found a

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