Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Employee engagement and technology

I have been thinking about employee engagement and the different aspects of business that either increase or decrease engagement and if technology solutions can have any impact on this.

I see engagement covering 4 areas motivation, advocacy, commitment and satisfaction. If an employee has a high level of these four areas then they are more likely to be engaged with your organisation and as a result you should have a reduction in turnover. Not to mention happy employees usually equals happy customers and this in turn has a direct impact on both the bottom and top lines.

But how is engagement created? There are many factors that create engagement, this is greatly impacted by the generation of the employee, however I see that all factors can be reduced into three areas. Involvement, Listening and Understanding.

These three things I feel can be enhanced through collaboration, and here is where the link with technology is. Yes, other types of technology can impact, that is for another post.

I think I might ponder this a little further and see where it takes me.

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