Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wireless blogging?

I have flown to Melbourne this morning on the 6am Qantas flight, getting up in time to meet this flight should be against the law, but I digress. I had a few minutes and wanted to post a blog so once I had my coffee I decided to see if I could find a wireless hotspot in the domestic terminal that the general public can use. My brief investigation found none, which does not mean there is not one.
I checked out the Internet cafe, which at $2/12 minutes is not as cheap as I would have thought. I have previously used Optus Wireless on their casual plan and this is $2.64 for $12.
The end result no real time blogging, instead I tapped this up on the plane and posted during the breaks in my meetings.

I have moved from this site to my new home which can be found a

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