Wednesday, July 07, 2004

HRIS trends

In 2001 I noted a number of trends that I felt would begin to take shape over the next few years. They were publish on my Web Site at the time, which has now been disbanded. Anyway I thought I would re-publish them here, not that they are correct and nor do I still see them as valid trends today. However I felt it would be interesting to compare how they do stand up 3 years on. Over the next few weeks I plan to review each item to see if I can predict the future :-), or at least we can all have a bit of a laugh .

HRIS Trends
-Transactional focus is old but still important, not only save time but reduce process steps
- Enterprise process integration
- Corporate Portal, one stop shop for all your information needs, in the form of a common access point for all internal and external data, including universal connections to employee tools
- Common user experience via a consistent user interface and common tools used globally
- Content and Knowledge management with extensive collaboration tool sets
- Syndicated content both internal and external
- Single Sign On
- Project management integration
- Employee Relationship management (Full EE life cycle, before hire to after hire)
- Extranets, full supply chain management of HR services
- Data analysis (using Business Intelligence tools)

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