Friday, June 25, 2004

Oracle vs PeopleSoft vs SAP vs Microsoft

Now I wrote briefly about this yesterday but here is another interesting article on the whole "let's buy PeopleSoft" issue from Oracle. From all of the press and thoughts of people in the marketplace we really do seem to have four major players SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Microsoft. Even SAP's VP of operations Richard Knowles sees the takeover of PeopleSoft by Oracle as increasing the competition in the marketplace. Although the DOJ says they are not neutral in the matter, a case of stating the obvious!

This still ignores many of the other players in both the US and Australia, MIMS is the Australian example that jumps to my mind.

So where will it all end up? Will PeopleSoft/JD Edwards get swallowed whole be Larry? Personally I think this would be a very sad day for HR systems, given the fantastic work the people at PeopleSoft have done for the industry over the last decade and a bit. In particular Row Henson and her vision.

That is all for now, need to go do some work to earn my keep.

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