Monday, April 11, 2005

The power of the internet

On Friday morning I posted about Jobster and the misunderstanding many seem to have had about what they are trying to achieve.

I also commented in the post that I would like to see what made them tick. About 4 hours later I got an email from Jason looking to hook up and show me what they have been doing. On an aside it is good to see the new HR technology vendors (Indeed and ResumeFit included) are paying attention to the blogosphere.

I did not immediately reply to Jason as I was on my way out the door to fly to Sydney for the weekend to see family. On Saturday I logged into my GMail and replied to Jason saying I was in Melbourne (GMT+10) and maybe we could hook up via Skype? Jason replied via his Blackberry that he had someone who would be in Melbourne this week. Dave then replied via his Blackberry and we started to line up a time to talk.

Exchanges like this just reminds me about the power of the internet and the different communication devices that are available. 5 - 7 years ago I could have quite easily missed Dave's trip to Melbourne as it would of taken us all several days to reply to each other's messages.

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