Friday, September 17, 2004

HR service centres & CRM

Last night was the first presentation of the AHRI/Cedar 2004 Workforce Technology Survey results, a survey that has been a project over the last 18 months for the AHRI NSW HRIS SIG (wow how many more acronims can you get!)

The results showed that about 60-70% of surveyed organisations deliver HR services to their employees via some form of Service Centre. This is very interesting, while the centres may not be as comprehensive as a traditional call centre they are still conducting similar business transactions. I have been thinking a bit about this and the technology required to set up a service centre that can justify itself via ROI calculations with hard numbers not "we think it is working".

Technology plays a very important role in the operations and usually HR practitioners do not know a lot about it and the technology has a very steep learning curve.
The need to look at call/email tracking software ranging from basic to the more advanced CRM type applications, review the communications technologies required for reporting and analysis of call patterns, maybe even look at VOIP. These pieces of technology, and the reports produced are critical if you are to be able to provide an ROI.

Potential measures would be:-
  • Call/service volumes
  • Time to answer
  • Time to resolution of issue
  • Call abandon rates
  • Trends on types of services required
  • % of transactions requiring re-work vs benchmark before operations
These are just some of my initial thoughts (I am only on my first cup of coffee and it is Friday) I would be interested to see/develop a full listing of measures.

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